Steven – Oxford, MA

Written By: cws-admin January 9, 2020 at 9:26 pm

“In 2001, during a week vacation in Maine, we bought our first boat. Which means I started the plea to my wife in 1999 trying to justify the expense with every creative use-case I could put together! To me, at that time, boating was what I saw and read about in magazines; and as we all know, things in life don\’t always live up to the expectations we create in our minds based on pictures. But boating was that one new thing in my life that exceeded any and all of my expectations! It represented freedom, family, excitement, friendships, exploration, adventure, lifestyle, you name it. I became so enthralled with it, the family now calls me \’Captain Steve\’, and I live in logo\’d paraphernalia. But during the ownership of our 4th boat, boating began to represent to me, something very different, and it was not a change for the better. It represented aggravation, anxiety, frustration, expenses, down-time. Pretty much every nasty cliche\’ about boating you can think of, I lived it. But, the reason for this turn had NOTHING to do with the boat, the area, the lifestyle, or the cost. It had to do with the partner I had in my corner, making sure my short summers in Maine with my boat, were all that they could be! This is how I came to know Phil and his Team. I was desperate for a new home for my boat in the off-season, and a partner I could trust to take care of my boat and my boating lifestyle, long-term. THIS is what Phil and Team offer. A no B.S. PARTNER that is there to ensure you stay up and running and make the most of your 8 weeks of boating season in Maine! I could not be more pleased with the experiences we have had with Panther Run since moving all of our business there. I no longer need to to worry about what I am being told, what I am being charged, whether or not my boat will be ready when I want it, and I never have to worry about whether or not I will feel like my business and/or my experience, matters to someone; THEY care! Phil doesn’t sell you a boat, or parts, or storage, or maintenance. Phil and his Team provide you that boating lifestyle you only thought existed in magazine stories and pictures! They sell, (and maintain), the EXPERIENCE! Keep it up Phil! Steve”